A Coherent Approach to Customization for the Label Industry


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Food And Beverage

Labels on food packs and Beverages are the first point of contact between the buyer and the seller. Labels helps in creating attraction through it design and orientation, it also highlights the brand and helps it to stand out among its competitor and lastly provides the e most important aspect that is the ingredients and the self-life details. Thus making it vital for any brand to opt for the best label solution in the market. We at C Tack work towards generating labels that can be provide the aesthetic value along with efficient prints quality.

Home And Personal Care

It is a versatile industry where you have brands opting various marketing strategies to promote their product. This includes a lot of visual enhancement through uniquely designed labels to appeal the crowd. The label range needs to be need to have moisture resistance and durable. We offer a wide variety of label material for products range like Hair care, Skin Care and toiletries.

Pharmaceuticals And Health Care

Durability of the label is the key aspect when to come to pharma due to its nature of distribution, storage and use. The print quality offered as to be legible and remain the way over time. The adhesive and coating should have low migration on to the drug. Keeping all the above in mind we offer a combination of label which has the above character and made to match industry standard


We offer quality which can withstand the extreme environment and performs efficiently towards the requirements. We provide cost effective and reliable batch of Durable labels


We offer the best quality of thermal labels to fulfil the demands in the aviation industry. Baggage Labels, Boaring pass etc are our core strengths

Transport And Logistic

Our range of labels that can be used for logistics have a high life expectancy to enable them to survive in the most rigid transport environment and reach its destination with the delivery details.

Oil and Lubricants

We offer a wide range of label stock with feature to withstand moisture and touch environment. Containers that need strong adhesive labels that are durable and lasting