A Coherent Approach to Customization for the Label Industry


Allied Group has been a pioneer in product development initiatives for sustainability in the past few years. Liner less labels are one of Allied's key areas of work.

As the name goes, liner less labels don’t require liners that are peeled off, before a label is stuck to a product. Instead, these silicone-coated labels are essentially their own liners. They are manufactured using a special process which coats the back of the label. Thus, these labels stick to themselves in a roll, at least until they are stuck on to the product.

How Does This Help?

Global warming, climate change and rising carbon dioxide emissions are becoming more relevant today. With increasing regulations and concerns around the same, organisations are constantly evaluating how their business affects the planet and undertaking measures to reduce or eliminate unnecessary waste.

Most labels comprise of liners that are peeled off and thrown away. You can’t burn them or recycle them. So each year, they enter the country’s landfills. Allied's liner less labels are a solution for businesses to make more eco-friendly choices.

With growing e-commerce and label needs, there's more benefits to using liner less labels for your business!

With the liner gone, the roll contains 50% more labels thereby reducing the change over time and increasing productivity.

The sizes of your labels can be altered as per your requirements by using software tools, saving inventory costs, MOQ runs along with time of change overs.

Besides, liner less labels save on ordering, storage, shipping and disposal costs and space since there is no excess liner to take up space and add bulk in a roll.

Lastly, they contribute towards a safe working environment. This is because the elimination of liners, helps in maintaining a clean work floor, safe from slipping, falling, fire hazard etc.

With the distinct advantage of its own manufacturing of direct Thermal labels, Allied is proud to have pioneered and successfully launched Liner less labels for the Indian market. This is a complete indigenous effort contributing to the Make in India initiative of the country.

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